Alternative Care


Many children unfortunately, needs full-time alternative care by a caregiver outside their family of origin.

We provide family-like alternative care.

Our model of family care to vulnerable children whose parents cannot provide them adequate care consists of:

Children in the alternative care reside in family houses provided by SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius. SOS caregivers look after their development in small groups of five to six children in family houses in SOS Family Care Beau Bassin, SOS Family Care Bambous and also in SOS family Houses integrated in community. The SOS families located in the community constitute an innovative alternative care option for children without parental care. The houses are situated outside the SOS Children’s Village compound, aiming at encouraging better socialisation and integration of children.

The caregivers, who may be SOS mothers or couples, lead the alternative care families and are responsible for the upbringing of the children as their own. The key services provided in the alternative care programme include:

SOS Children’s Village Beau Bassin

Contact Details
Address: 3, G. Ythier Street, Mare Gravier, Beau Bassin
Phone no: (230) 455 0968

SOS Children’s Village Bambous

Contact Details
Address: Princess Guinea, Geoffroy Road, Bambous
Phone no: (230) 452 2701/03