Fundraise for SOS

SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius depends on the generous support of its sponsors and donors, institutions and corporate partners, and loyal friends worldwide. Your help is needed too. There are many different ways, people can help SOS Children’s Villages. At SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, we take action to create lasting change, and we encourage people to join the move by supporting children’s cause in a spirit of sharing, and fun. We believe that no effort is too small for children in need.

A fundraising adventure…!

Fundraise as a Team

Move for SOS

Organise team activities and get people involved by paying an entrance fee, that will be donated in support to SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius.


Fundraise as a Corporate

Host an event

Get employees to join in for the cause.


Fundraise as a School/University

Quick events


Partner with SOS

Your fundraising ideas interest us! Please share other ideas with us on or our Facebook page.

Your event proposal should be submitted to SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius for approval prior to the event takes place. Thank you!